Source-to-Contract Solution

A cloud-based, intelligent and fully integrated e-procurement solution designed to help you with...

Quick Decision Making

ProcureEase is embedded with real-time analytics and user-based intuitive dashboards that gives a 360° view of your spend and aids your decision making.

Strategic Procurement

ProcureEase automates the tactical aspects of procurement and takes the function beyond reporting and scoreboards. Your CPO becomes a strategic advisor to your organization.

Real-time Analytics

ProcureEase enhances digital procurement transformation with advanced analytics, ProcureEase enhances digital procurement transformation within your organization.

Simplified Vendor Collaboration

ProcureEase simplifies your procuring experience with suppliers as well as promotes vendor segmentation based on your defined terms.

Report & Dashboard Visualization

Whether for immediate use, decision making or retrospective auditing, ProcureEase presents you with valuable up-to-date reports that aid your processes.


  • 360° view of your organization’s procurement performance on a dashboard
  • Role-based dynamic dashboard and reports
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
Spend Analysis

Properly harnessing your data can be a game changer. Stay ahead of your competitors with ProcureEase.


  • Real-time, actionable insights for better decision-making
  • Automatic collection and analysis of spend data
  • Consistent templates across departments, thereby improving the quality and integrity of data collected.
  • Eradicate the problems caused by poor analytics capabilities.
  • Accurate spend data categorization
  • Improve cost savings
  • Budget performance analysis
Vendor Management

Collaboration with vendors can place your organization at the forefront of innovations in your industry.


  • Vendor segmentation
  • Automatic and real-time validation of vendor data against regulatory agencies databases
  • Greatly reduce the risks associated with choosing wrong vendors
  • Promotes organizational policy compliance
  • Enhance strategic sourcing aided by vendor categorization
  • Vendor self-service and strategic collaboration with customers
  • Alerts on ongoing bid's status
  • Notifications of bid closing dates
  • Electronic document management backed by Microsoft Azure
Procurement Planning

Enable easy collaboration with user department in the process of developing organization-wide annual Procurement plan as well as budget.


  • Individual or bulk department needs import from excel or csv sheets
  • Version Control
  • Intelligent Workflows
  • Robust collaboration with other departments
  • Easily track status of your needs
  • Standardized item categorization and codes, allows for uniformity and accurate descriptions
Request Management

Dynamic internal request processing for higher accountability.


  • Create requisitions down to individual items, enabling request management based on fund availability without altering your plan.
  • Receive email-based notifications and approvals throughout the requisition life-cycle
  • Advanced item search and tracking
  • Seamlessly manage your approved budget and budget virement bucket
  • Promote procurement collaboration with other departments
  • Intelligent workflows

Enabling strategic sourcing that helps drive business value.


  • Public and controlled advertisements via multiple platforms
  • Electronic bid invitation and collection
  • Receive email-based notifications and approvals throughout the sourcing life-cycle
  • Advanced item search and tracking
  • Guided buying and vendor selection through categorizations
  • Regulated bid opening and bid closing
  • Multi-layered encryption of all submitted bid documents guarantees safety.
  • Automatic lock of bid collection e-bucket till predefined bid opening day.
  • Transparency and efficiency
  • Eradicate the need for paper based proposal submission
  • Vendor capacity revalidation
e-Evaluation Management

Promoting a secure & transparent evaluation process aided by appropriate vendor selection.


  • Unique, timed bid opening key
  • Automatic evaluation score aggregator
  • Unified and customizable evaluation template
  • Contract Award template
  • Automatic feedback Management
  • Automated vendor evaluation process
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Automatic selection of top technical bidders
  • Transparency and efficiency

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